Build a wooden planter with a construction drawing? Nice idea! Actually they can not be forgotten from our garden or on the terrace, beautiful planters of wood. If you want to give your patio or garden a completely different look this summer, building your own wooden planters is a very good idea.

Many people think that building planters of wood is difficult, but that is not true at all. Building a wooden planter is very fun to do, and thanks to the extensive and step by step construction drawing for a wooden planter, this DIY project is also suitable if you don’t have any experience in woodworking.

Of course there are a number of things that you have to keep in mind if you want to build wooden planters yourself, but we will tell you everything about it in this article. There are different types of wooden planters that you can build yourself.

Do you want to build beautiful planters with wheels made of wood yourself? Everything is possible. Of course you can build planters of all sorts of wood, but scaffolding wood is one of the most popular types of wood we currently know.

That is not surprising because this type of wood is easy to edit and creates a rural atmosphere on your terrace or in your garden. Want to get started and build a wooden planter yourself? Then download the construction drawing for wooden planters below.

Moveable planters of wood with wheels

There is nothing nicer than to provide your patio or garden with beautiful colorful plants in the spring and the summer. If you decide to build a planter of scaffolding wood on wheels, then you also have the possibility to move the planters and create a different atmosphere on your terrace over and over again.

Building a planter of scaffolding wood on wheels is easy to build with the construction drawing that you can download below. You also save yourself a lot of money if you are going to build planters from scaffolding wood with a drawing yourself. You probably already looked around a little bit what the prices are of a planter of scaffolding wood at the larger garden centers.

You will be shocked, because these prices are very high. From now on that is no longer necessary. You can build a planter of scaffolding wood on wheels yourself, without spending hundreds of dollars.

The planter on wheels construction drawing shows you exactly which steps you have to follow and what you have to take into account if you want to build a planter on wheels yourself. This drawing provides you with all the right sawing lists for a planter, and you know which materials you need and can use the best.

Build a wooden planter with the right dimensions

If you want to build a wooden planter with the right dimensions yourself, then a construction drawing is indispensable. It would be a waste of your time and material if you build your own wooden planter if the dimensions are not correct or not according to your wishes.

You decide the dimensions for a scaffolding wood planter yourself and of course that also depends on the space that you have available. With the construction drawing for a scaffolding wood planter, you can be sure that your DIY planter is a success, and that you can enjoy a colorful terrace or garden all summer long.

The drainage for a planter is also important. Of course you don’t want the plants in the scaffolding wood planter to stay too wet due to rainwater. How you can waterproof a wooden planter, and how you make a good drainage for planters of scaffolding wood you can read in the drawing that you can download below.

Building a planter with the right dimensions is certainly not difficult, and does not take much time. With this fun DIY project you can give your terrace a completely different look, and change it again and again by building a wooden planter on wheels yourself. Do you want to know how to build a wooden planter of scaffolding wood? And do you want to start immediately? Click here >>

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